Another Tiny House With Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

You will fall in love with this tiny house design that couple Pascal and Catherine built. This couple from Quebec, Canada built their first tiny house design using locally sourced materials in just 40 days, and are currently living in their second home. The couple built their tiny house design and are owners of a tiny house design building company called Ma Maison Logique. Pascal designed the house to withstand the extreme Canadian winters using triple beam windows throughout and installed a tiny wood burning fireplace that is so efficient it will keep the home warm and cozy even when temperatures reach -30 degrees Celcius. The tiny wood stove is so tiny that you only need some pieces of kindling wood to keep it burning. Inside the tiny house, interior design is charming using lots of white for a spacious feeling. They also made sure to use natural, nontoxic paint and oil finishes to have good air quality inside. The house is so well insulated and sealed that the couple installed an air exchange vent in the bathroom to have fresh air flowing in. Catherine is an interior designer, so you will see all of the touches that she added throughout to give the house it's lovely to look and feel. The tiny house interior design feels cozy and comfortable yet still feels spacious and has a modern overall feel.

When it comes to tiny house designs using the amount of space they have efficiently, simple ideas can go a long way. In this couples tiny house design, for example, they can turn their living room space into a dining room by pulling down a table that is set against the wall until needed. And a guest room is as simple as pulling out the couch to make extra sleeping beds. Not a space in the tiny house design is wasted, with a tiny closet for storage, overhead storage space and plenty of cupboard space. There is also storage underneath the couches. And you will be surprised as it has all the conveniences of a larger house from a stove cooktop, two large counter tops, an upstairs loft main bedroom, tiny cedar shower, compost, compost toilet, pocket door into the washroom to save on space. The upstairs loft in this tiny house design is home to the master bedroom that has dormer windows to give it a spacious and comfortable feeling. The tiny house design kitchen has a propane stovetop and a tiny electric refrigerator which can also be changed to a propane fridge. The tiny house design has a 28-gallon water tank. Outside is just as nice with an outdoor patio, and is parked on some beautiful farmland. This tiny house design is a tiny house design on wheels which makes it a great option if you want to move it to a different location in the future.

When it comes to tiny house design options, there are more to choose than ever before. With a tiny house design to suit most any need and preference. Tiny home designs can be used for full-time living or use as vacation homes, guest houses and backyard offices. The options to tiny house design living are endless. You can purchase a piece of property where you put your tiny house design, or perhaps you have a friend or family member who has a place where you can live comfortably and set up your tiny house design.

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