DIY Camper: From Rusty Van To Cozy Home

You will want to take a look at this inspiring story of how one man after months of dreaming, changed his life and designed his tiny house on wheels to travel Europe. When dreaming of his future tiny house on wheels, he didn't like the look and feel of most motorhomes or campers. So months of daydreaming allowed him to get a pretty clear image of how he wanted his van to be. No plans or layouts were drawn up or were measured. This tiny house on wheels was pretty much built on-the-fly. You can learn more about this tiny house on wheels journey in his new book From Van to Home, which is now available as an instant download. The book covers every detail of his van conversion and much more. The van is a space for living, and he used common building materials found in local hardware stores rather than using the specialized and very expensive building materials from motorhome or campervan shops. The result of this tiny house on wheels is something that feels pretty cozy and home-like, and you can easily forget that you are in a van that is ten-years-old.

Some of the features of this unique small house plan and tiny house on wheels include a compressor fridge/freezer, pressurized water system with 70L fresh tank, a 200W solar charging system with approximately 190Ah lead-calcium batteries. The tiny house on wheels has a 240V mains socket from pure sine inverter, a 12V power distribution board with mains hook-up, LED lighting 0.8W in ceiling and ultra-bright 4W in lamp and studio reference speakers. The tiny house on wheels also has a shower and toilet, an extendable bed that sleeps two, and a large hammock that fits multiple people, a work desk area and hot water on demand. Also in the van is a refillable LPG tank 11KG, a gas cooker and sink, plenty of storage under the bed and an overhead shelf that fits three 60L backpacks.

This tiny house on wheels started with a lot of dreaming, during 2013. Mike would sit at his desk and think that this cant be it. He wanted to live in a van and travel. He couldnt concentrate on anything. So he quit his job. He knew that for anything to happen he'd have to quit his job immediately and tell people his plans. This was the first step and was all he needed to do so he would have no other choice but to work on my dream. He had some money about $14,000 saved up from working on offshore gas platforms in the North Sea. So on the 20th of September 2013, he gave his months notice at his job. He moved out of his house, put things outside onto the street with notes saying free. He gave away his sofas, the bed, tables and chairs. One woman came to pick up the stuff with a van for a friend who was leaving her husband. This tiny house on wheels is an inspiring story that you seem to hear more and more. Tiny house designs are a great way to live the life that you have been dreaming about, and this van conversion is just one of the many stories you will hear.

You will find this tiny house on wheels on the Van Dog Traveller site. On the site, you will learn more about this unique small house plan and tiny house on wheels. You will learn all about small house living and the steps it took to get this van up and running. **

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