10 Magnificent Rustic Log Tables That Will Make Your Cabin GLOW!

Here we take a look at 10 Georgeously Rustic Log Tables for your Cabin. No matter where your cabin is located, often it is a rustic retreat that exudes that nostalgic charm that most of us find so app ... read more

Perfect Spot For Enjoying Quiet And Relaxing Morning Coffee

Rustic log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful. Many ski lodges, cabins, and resorts have them, but too few people ever think of putting it in their own home, or they feel that it's not affordabl ... read more

If You Need More Space In Your Home, This Amazing Bed In A Box Is Something You Need To Check Out!

If you have issues with the right amount of storage space available in your home, then this very cool bed in a box might tickle your fancy. A lot of designers are having a hard time thinking of clever ... read more

Amazing Counter Top That Will Fit In Any Rustic-Style Kitchen PERFECTLY!

Rustic log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful. Many ski lodges, cabins, and resorts have them, but too few people ever think of putting it in their own home, or they feel that it's not affordabl ... read more

When You See This Amazing Gallery You'll Realize - Recycling Is Actually Fun!

In our busy lives we sometimes forget to slow down and take notice of all the fun and unique items, we are so quick to throw away. Some people have that imaginative and inventive spirit, and are capa ... read more

This Amazing Bed Assured Us - There Is Nothing More Classy Than Detailed Log Furniture!

Rustic log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful. Many ski lodges, cabins, and resorts have them, but too few people ever think of putting it in their own home, or they feel that it's not affordabl ... read more

If you would have invested $20 in BITCOIN in 2008, you would have $3.5 Million Today!!!!

The Absolute Greatest Transfer of Wealth is Happening Right This Second!! If you would have invested $20 in 2008, you would have $3.5 Million Today!!!! What is it that could have made you that m ... read more

The Honey House: a Tiny Home That's Innovating Eco-friendly Building for Small Homes!

You'll want to take a look inside this tiny cabin design, built with a whole lot of heart. When Isabelle Nagel-Brice began looking for a place to live in Colorado, she quickly realized that for the am ... read more

Modern 21ft Tiny House with Secret Ceiling Bed and Remote Control Gull-wing Door!

Owning a home is always a big decision to make, but prospective homeowners today may find that buying is out of the question. With house prices in centers being higher than ever people are considerin ... read more

La Casa de Botellas Is a Tiny House Made of … Plastic Bottles

When it comes to tiny house design, there are so many great ideas out there these days, and more just seem to keep coming. Like these tiny houses in Puerto Iguazu made by Alfredo Santa Cruz entirely ... read more

The 12ft Adirondack Tiny House with ‘Secret Bed’ Built into Floor!

When planning your tiny home, you’ll want to give extra time and care to the kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen is the heart of any home, and with a tiny home, it’s even more important. One could even ... read more

11 Year Old Boy Designs and Builds a Tiny Tree House Cabin!

The tiny house dream seems so perfectly ideal and romantic. But do you really think you have what it takes to go tiny? If you're nodding your head, then you might want to think about it a little more. ... read more

Manitoba Municipality Votes ‘No’ to Pot

As a provincial pot deadline looms for manitoba municipalities, a manitoba town has halted plans for marijuana stores in its community. The rm of gimli has passed a resolution to say no to retail c ... read more

An Adorable Tiny House That Proves You Can Work From Any Home, Even if It's Tiny!

Now here's a tiny house on wheels that won't be used just as a home, but a workplace. While many people are building tiny houses to live in as houses, there are some people who are using them as offic ... read more

She Would NEVER Trade Her Charming Tiny Home For A Larger One - When You See It, You Will Definitely Agree

Love all things tiny? Have a look at the Avonlea tiny house design from Baluchon. The home belongs to Frédérique, a woman who enjoys the freedom that living in a tiny house gives her and wouldn't tra ... read more

Unbelievable - This Barn-style Home Is Ideal For Weddings, Parties AND Comfortable Living! Free Floor Plan Available

The Sutton is a barn architectural design that is 24 feet by 36 feet. This custom post and beam design is beautiful inside and out. The combination of wood and the red barn doors and window shutters a ... read more

This Prefab Cabin Was Built in 10 Days for Only $80,000

Can you believe this stunning cabin was built in only 10 days? The wood cabins from Dubldom are available in a few different sizes and designs and crafted out of high-quality materials. This is the c ... read more

No Way! Tiny Home With Sauna And Fireplace? Yes, This Luxury Tiny Home Has It All

Thinking of building a tiny house of your own? Try out a few different ones before you settle on the tiny house design you'll create. These lovely romantic shepherds huts on The Shepherds Hut Retrea ... read more

You Will Be Blown Away by the Spacious Interior of This Tiny Cabin

You'll want to take a look at this unique small house plan, that is sure to change the way you think about tiny house designs. These tiny house designs are designed to be fully functioning homes, but ... read more

How to Build a Log Cabin From Free Forest Products

A wood cabin could be just the place you need to get away, relax, and hit the reset button. Imagine spending time in a wood cabin surrounded by nature, in a location that is quiet and beautiful. The ... read more

Youll Be Running to the Store for a Pool Noodle When You See What She Makes for Christmas!

Pool noodles are usually something you'd buy in the summertime to take to the pool. But now people are also buying them during the holidays, and you have to see why. It turns out that pool noodles ac ... read more

9 Clever Ways to Clean You Home You've Never Thought of!

There are all sorts of places around the home that can be tricky to clean. And when you don't know how to get these areas clean, you might be tempted just to leave them be. But with these simple house ... read more

9 Projects Anyone Can Copy in Just 5 Minutes!

If you only have a few minutes to spare, you are sure to love these easy do it yourself crafts that are perfect for beginners. These do it yourself crafts are excellent ways to recycle and repurpose s ... read more

4 Awesome Decor Ideas Using Old Windows You've Never Thought of!

If you have an old window lying around and you're not sure what to do with it, you'll want to take a look at these four great DIY idea using old windows, and bring them back to life. There is nothing ... read more

Creep Your Neighbors Out With These Awesome Halloween Decorating Ideas!

It's never too early to get a start on your holiday decorating ideas, and it often takes only a few items found around the house to create a project you will love. This do it yourself craft video has ... read more

Sprinkle Cinnamon Over Letters - Wait Until You See the End Result!

For this farmhouse inspired do it yourself craft, you will transform paper mache letters into faux rusty metal letters using a few simple ingredients. To start, you will want to select the word or the ... read more

Got an Old Window Lying Around You Should Totally Do This!

Learn how to refurbish an old wooden window and write on the glass with this home decor do it yourself craft and DIY idea. You may already have an old window around the house, or you can find a window ... read more

How to Transform Your Floors With Brown Paper Bags. (This Is Incredible!)

Flooring can be expensive, especially hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring. Carpet is an affordable option but it also comes with a lot of work to keep it looking great, and it tends to harbour a lot ... read more

Squeeze 27 Diapers Into a Frying Pan

You won't believe what squeezing 27 diapers into a frying pan will make. If you are looking for an excellent DIY idea for a baby shower gift, you will want to take a look at this project to do. With a ... read more

Here's Why You Should Never Overlook Dollar Store Glasses

You will want to take a look at this diy idea and step by step tutorial on how to turn dollar store glasses into these beautiful glitter and pearl candleholders just in time for the holidays. These ca ... read more
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