No Way! Tiny Home With Sauna And Fireplace? Yes, This Luxury Tiny Home Has It All

Thinking of building a tiny house of your own? Try out a few different ones before you settle on the tiny house design you'll create. These lovely romantic shepherds huts on The Shepherds Hut Retreat in Somerset, England give people the perfect accommodations when they're visiting the area. These tiny houses offer the perfect way to test out tiny house living before you make the big leap. The beautiful little cabins are surrounded by nature right on the waters edge. There are a total of four luxury Shepherds Huts as they call them and each of them has a private deck and a fire pit. They also all have access to the awesome Woodland Sauna. The designs of these cabins are so charming and beautiful. Each of the cabins includes a bathroom and stocked kitchen. There's even a dining area and a double bed as well as a DVD player to watch movies on your downtime. The double bed is made out of a storage bench which gives the unit more room to put items away. Having multiple storage options in your tiny house is very important as it gives you a way to keep things organized and clean. Many tiny house designs will have storage couches like this that also operate as a bed which gives the piece of furniture multiple uses which is also important in a tiny home.

The kitchen in these spaces are great too, with a wooden countertop that has a built-in eating area on it and bench seating. The sinks are also nice and deep which makes doing dishes in the tiny house much easier than some of the smaller sinks. The kitchens have a small mini fridge which is perfect for vacationing, but in your own tiny house design, you may want a larger fridge to keep fresh food on hand all of the time. There is also a large sized stove unit in the units so guests can make their own meals whenever they like. Then, the bathrooms all feature nice, tiled showers with glass doors and even a nice towel warmer. Most tiny houses will have a composting toilet in them, but since these ones are set up permanently, they may have flush toilets. The tiny houses are filled with charming vintage and rustic details, but they also have a very modern feel to them too. Outside, they have canvas awnings which are great for blocking out the sun when needed and a nice little picnic table at each tiny house. This would be such a wonderful place to retreat to when life gets hectic and a cool place to check out if you're visiting England. The area of Somerset is a great place to visit all on its own; there are great restaurants and outdoor activities.

If you're seriously considering building a tiny house of your own, it's best to look at many different designs before you start planning your own. Unless you already know exactly what you want in your tiny house design, it's very helpful to look to other plans and designs for inspiration. Then you can either choose to build your tiny house yourself, or you can give your plans to a builder, and they will build it for you. Some companies will even build your tiny house to a certain point, and then you can finish up the inside yourself, so you still have a hand in building the home. Check out all of the beautiful tiny house designs in The Shepherds Hut Retreat and see if this is a place you'd like to check out at some point, or maybe you can just get some design inspiration.***

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