Ordinary-Looking Tiny House Lowers ‘Drawbridge’ To Reveal A Stunningly Unique Home

Tiny house building is a hot topic these days, with hundreds, if not thousands of people joining the tiny house movement. Here's one tiny house on wheels you won't forget. An ordinary looking tiny house has a unique hidden feature that anyone would love. A drawbridge lowers to reveal a sweet little deck on the back of the tiny house. How cute is that? One of the features many people want on their tiny house design is a nice patio or deck. But, since a tiny house on wheels can only be a certain width to tow, which is 8 feet wide, you can't haul the tiny house with an extra 2 to 4 feet of deck hanging off the side or the back. Greenmoxie, a tiny house building company in Canada, created a special deck design on this tiny house that suits the needs of the client, while still passing the road regulations. The deck is attached to the very back end of the trailer, mounted on the exterior wall on heavy duty hinges so that the deck can be raised and lowered as needed. Once the tiny house is parked and in place, the draw-bridge style deck will fold down, with legs that also fold out to rest right on the ground creating the perfect space to set up a chair and relax outside.

Adding on a deck to a tiny house on wheels means adding more livable space to your tiny house. Even just a small deck like this one can do wonders for the inhabitants of a tiny house providing them with a nice entrance to their home, as well as more space to spread out so that couples don't always feel confined to their house. There are some tiny house building companies that build large verandas the same size as the tiny house foot print. The verandas are easily disassembled and reassembled once the house is at it's resting place. Some of the verandas are even enclosed, providing extra space even in the winter time. Add some comfortable patio furniture and you have the perfect place to relax. If building a deck seems like too much work, other tiny house dwellers simply use a gazebo. You can use any gazebo that is easily put up and taken down, and set it up close to the tiny house. Enclosing it with some fabric curtains would be a great way to protect yourself from pests and the wind.

Greenmoxie's designs are simply beautiful as the photos on Little Things show us. The tiny house building company uses reclaimed materials in all of their projects. Within this house they have used reclaimed barn wood and up cycled it to use as interior wall finishing. They simply gave it a new stain and it looks amazing. The home you see here is also completely equipped to be off grid, with solar panels and rainwater collection which would make it easier to find a place to park it. A composting toilet is most often what people will use in an off grid situation, and sometimes people will simply build an out house for their toilet. A cute little wood fire stove heats the house effectively and provides that nice ambience we all love, reminiscent of a cabin in the woods. You could even buy this very tiny house from the Greenmoxie website if it's everything you have dreamed of having in a tiny house on wheels. Enjoy having a look at the photos of it on the Little Things website, and even if you're not interested in building a tiny house of your own, it's certainly fun to see all of the amazing designs out there.***

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