You Will Be Blown Away by the Spacious Interior of This Tiny Cabin

You'll want to take a look at this unique small house plan, that is sure to change the way you think about tiny house designs. These tiny house designs are designed to be fully functioning homes, but they can also be used as an annexe for someone in your family, a functional office, or simply as a comfortable and beautiful place to relax. This contemporary wood cabin is priced at $60,000 and has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and living space. This tiny house design has an electric instant heat boiler with storage tank and meets the building regulation for extensions and certification. This tiny house design is built to BS for park home. This unique small house plan has a woodburning stove that is installed by certified professionals. The contemporary space has a modern and spacious feel without feeling cluttered. The white walls and stainless steel kitchen counter help to make the tiny house design feel modern and light. The contemporary tiny house design and Woodland Shepherds Hut are located in Metfield, Suffolk, England.

Inside the bathroom is a zinc shower cubicle you are sure to love, the patterner is an alkaline solution, which gives it a similar look to the exterior of the tiny house design. The exterior of the unique small house plan looks cool at night, especially the slatted roof. There is a pocket door worked in the end and gives a nice block of color in the tiny house design. The trickest bit but the most important part of the house was the skylight, which gives loads of light and a sense of height in the home that is often lacking in smaller tiny house builds. The tiny house design was moved to the field with a tractor and was then lowered to the ground. The kitchenette in the unique small house plan is separated from the bedroom and has two hobs, a fridge freezer and a sink. There is also a zinc side and splash panels. Outside the front door of the tiny house design.

You'll also want to take a look at the Woodland Shepherds Hut on the site. The Woodland Shepherds Hut has a steel chassis, cast iron wheels and a draw bar. The tiny house design has solid reclaimed pine flooring, and a curved, corrugated steel roof with vaulted ceiling. The tiny hut is fully insulated with efficient foam and glass wool Insulation, it is fully painted and has tongue in groove cladding and external patterned corrugated steel cladding. The tiny house design has a stable door, double glazed Crittle windows, a wood burning stove with hearth and insulated flue, built-in bookshelves and steps.

The shepherd's hut also known as a shepherd's wagon was, since the 15th century and further into the 20th Century, was used by shepherds when raising sheep and lambing, primarily in the United Kingdom and France. Shepherd's huts also often had iron wheels and corrugated iron tops. Sometimes the sides of the shepherd's huts were also made of corrugated iron. Use of the shepherd's huts by farmers reached a peak in the late 19th Century and then dwindled in the 20th century with the advent of mechanized farm machinery along with electric power which reached even remote farms.

You will find this contemporary tiny house design on the Contemporary Shepherd Huts site. On the site, you will find this unique small house plan along with a Woodland Shepherds Hut that is sure to inspire. You can learn more about these two tiny house designs and get a glimpse inside both, by taking a look at the site. **

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